Veterans In Sefton

About Veterans in Sefton CIO

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Veterans in Sefton is based at Brunswick Youth and Community Centre

VETERANS IN SEFTON CIO is an Initiative between Sefton Council, Sefton CVS & Sefton CCG. It is funded by Sefton CCG and The Royal British Legion. They developed the Veterans Strategy for Sefton by working closely with local credible organisations and key stake holders.

Veterans In Sefton has established a team of over 20 volunteers as well as full time staff. They work at the Brunswick Youth and Community Centre (“the Brunny”) from 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday. The team give our ex-service personnel, reservists, and their families help and advice with:

  • housing,
  • employment,
  • dependency,
  • financial,
  • general well being, and
  • mental health issues.

What we do

Veterans In Sefton holds weekly “NAAFI Breaks” at various locations around Sefton.

The NAAFI Break is nothing more than a social gathering in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. Many issues tend to come out in conversation. The mentors will pick up on this and approach the subject where appropriate.

The NAAFI Breaks are held:

  • Tuesday at the Southport, 10.30am-12.30pm at the Southport Community Centre Norwood Rd
  • Wednesday 10.30am – 12.30pm, at The Brunswick Youth & Community Centre in Bootle,
  •  Thursday all day drop in and Holistic Care at the “Strand by Me Shop” in Bootle Strand Shopping Centre.
  • Senior NAAFI Break for aged veterans every Friday 10.30am-12.30pm at Crescent Court Litherland.

The NAAFI Break is where we “pull up a sandbag and swing the lamp” a term that is probably not usually used on “civvie street” but fully recognised to those who have served within the Armed Forces.

Throughout all of our processes Veterans In Sefton offer a unique holistic support programme, which incorporates support from mentors who fully understand a veteran’s needs and issues.

As a Charity we provide the emotional scaffolding to raise self esteem, build confidence, and improve mental health and general well being.

 How to get involved

If you’d like to get involved simply:

  • call in to one of our NAAFI Breaks,
  • pop in to the office at the Brunswick Youth and Community Centre, or
  • call Dave Smith on 0151-933-0800.


Veterans In Sefton offers volunteering opportunities allowing Veterans and members of the community to give their time and get involved.  As a volunteer people can learn new skills and/or refresh old ones, in addition to making a positive contribution to the lives of others.  One specific volunteering opportunity is to train as a “mentor”.  This will allow people to work with ex-service personnel, providing support to both the Veterans, and their families.

Veterans In Sefton camping trip with volunteers and partners

Working with Young People

In partnership with the Brunswick Youth and Community Centre Veterans In Sefton has now established a programme to start providing activities such as camp craft skills, map skills, and hill walking/camping. This will assist in the development of young people within the local community.

Our Aims

Veterans in Sefton will significantly improve mental health and wellbeing for:


  • Reduced social isolation
  • Increased self confidence.
  • Early intervention will reduce the potential for developing or compounding pre-existing mental health issues.
  • Run training programmes and skill-building sessions will improve employment chances.
  • Programmes will smooth transition from military to civilian life thus avoiding the sometimes negative impacts of this process.


  • Strengthened family dynamics through support programmes and a whole-family activity programme.
  • Reduced stress and depression rates for spouses.
  • Increased mental wellbeing of immediate family members.
  • Greater economic security due to increased work prospects and volunteering opportunities
  • To consolidate develop and expand the work undertaken by the Sefton Veterans Project through the creation of a dedicated Families Lead Volunteer.


  • Greater awareness of transition issues that affect service personnel and their families.
  • Greater respect for the work and role performed by the services.
  • Increased integration and acceptance of ex-military personnel with mental health problems.
  • Increased economic social returns on investment in the local community and businesses.
  • Enabling the Sefton communities to support members of the Sefton Armed Forces Community (SAFC) through their direct involvement in delivering local services, either as paid staff or as volunteers;
  • Providing an (initial) community base, through which the SAFC and the wider community can interact through events, activities, projects and other forms of contact;
  • Increasing the wider Sefton communities understanding of the SAFC by utilizing existing community contact to ensure effective promotion of the nature, and needs of, the SAFC;
  • Recognising the sacrificial contributions of the SAFC through educational programs which reach all levels of the community.

More Information about Veterans in Sefton

Contact us if you want to know more about Veterans in Sefton. We’re happy to help over the phone (call Dave Smith on 0151 933 0800) or by calling in to the Brunswick Youth and Community Centre, at 104 Marsh Lane Bootle. Click here for a map and directions.