Active Brunswick

South Sefton CCG partners with Brunswick Youth and Community Centre.

Brunswick Youth and Community Centre is a great place to get active.

About Active Brunswick

The Active Brunswick project is supported by Sefton CCG in delivering a programme of work to tackle childhood obesity, through early intervention to prevent the long-term negative effects of obesity and to support the emotional health and well being of children, young people and families.

The programme combines the three key elements of safe, effective weight management and sustained lifestyle change:

  • Healthy eating
  • Regular physical activity
  • Behaviour change.

Through our programme we encourage positive changes around healthy eating and give young people and their families the knowledge and skills to make positive lifestyle changes.

Alongside this the Brunswick works with partners to deliver sporting activities that are accessible for the whole family and encourage them to have fun together.

Contact us to find out more.

Brunswick Youth and Community Centre has a 3G indoor football pitch for you to play on as part of our Active Brunswick programme.

Play football on our state-of-the-art 3G indoor football pitch.

What We Do

In Active Brunswick, part of our Health and Wellbeing programme, we offer a wide range of FREE indoor and outdoor activities at The Brunny, including:

  • football on our state-of-the-art 3G indoor football pitch
  • activities in our outdoor play area
  • keep fit exercise sessions.

We also deliver FREE workshops about:

  • growing food, both in the community garden (ADD LINK) based at the Centre and at the adopted Oriel Road train station garden site
  • cooking easy healthy meals
  • nutrition.

Many of these activities are included at no extra cost within our clubs, including the Junior Kids Club, Senior Youth Club, Brownies, and Jamie Carragher 23 Soccer Schools. Others are offered separately, BUT ALL ACTIVE BRUNSWICK ACTIVITIES ARE FREE.

Please note that members must complete a Registration Form to take part. Click on the link to download it.

Active Brunswick is led by Lorraine Towers.

Contact her or our Centre Manager, Keith Lloyd, on 0151 922 3552 to find out more about our programme.

Keep fit activities include pool at Brunswick Youth and Community Centre.

Play pool at The Brunny.

Other Active Brunswick Activities

As well as our usual weekly activities, during half-terms and school holidays we offer family events. These encourage everyone from young people, to their parents and grandparents, to get more active.

These activities take place at both Brunswick Youth and Community Centre and off-site. In the past we have taken cycling and walking trips both locally and across the country. Ask for more details.

If this sounds a bit too energetic then you’ll be pleased to know that not all our activities are high-impact sports. For some, particularly our older members, our community garden is a great place to get some exercise and fresh air.

Gardening, particularly when volunteering with our younger members at our own garden or down the road at Bootle Oriel Road train station, gives everyone the chance to move, and maybe get (a little) out of breath!


Mural showing our respect values.

Teaching respect at The Brunny.


We are a registered charity based in Bootle, North Merseyside. Our charitable activities include:

providing facilities for recreation and leisure time activity with a view to improving the conditions of life in the area.

Our younger members enjoy structured play in their clubs and other activities including gardening.

We encourage, and insist on, all members showing respect to each other and the club.

This particularly helps when involved in keep fit activities as it helps our young people play better, safely, and with regard to their supervisors.

Contact us (click on the link) to find out more about our activities, times, etc.

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