Health and Wellbeing

Our community garden is a great place to enjoy good health and wellbeing.
Come and enjoy our community garden!

Encouraging health and wellbeing is a core part of our role as a charity dedicated to helping young people and the wider community in Bootle and Sefton.

We do this by:

  • developing and maintaining a community garden and greenhouse
  • adopting the approach to Bootle Oriel Road train station, providing free food to the community
  • offering Active Brunswick, a program to tackle childhood obesity and to support emotional health
  • hosting Mama Margaret’s St. James Pensioners’ Club
  • cookery classes teaching young people how to make healthy meals, often using food they have grown themselves in our garden and at Oriel Road station
  • playing a key role in Healthwatch Sefton
  • using our many groups and clubs to promote education and activities around health and wellbeing, exercise, and sexual health through the C-Card scheme (where appropriate)
  • working with ex-service personnel, reservists, and their families through Veterans in Sefton.

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What We Do

We use our facilities creatively by, for example, having a community garden, a fantastic resource for teaching young people and the wider community about home growing, healthy eating, and using fresh produce. Children learn through teaching and doing. As well as learning about health and wellbeing, we encourage them to be as “hands on” as possible so they can use their new-found skills away from the Centre.

Many Children and Young People say that it is the first time they have tried gardening and cooking fresh food. Their enthusiasm is infectious and gives a real sense of satisfaction to their teachers and volunteers, particularly members of Mama Margaret St. James’ Pensioners’ Club, who enjoy spending time with the children and passing on their knowledge. This has positive effects for the physical and emotional wellbeing of all involved, and helps integrate the wider community.

We offer a wide range of sporting activities which the whole family can enjoy. It can be fun for kids to see dad show off his silky skills on the football pitch or mum thrash a mean forehand in badminton!

We also arrange regular trips away from Bootle for people of all ages. Getting out of town, for local trips to places like Formby Pine Woods, or further away to Rivington Pike, gives our members the opportunity to breathe fresh air, see somewhere different, and spend time together with friends.

And there is an overlap with our Education, Training, and Employment programme. Helping people learn new skills, find a job, or deal with issues, promotes their own sense of wellbeing.

Why We Promote Health and Wellbeing

One of the charitable objects of Brunswick Youth and Community Centre (read them here) is to help young people:

develop their spiritual, mental and physical capacities (s0) that they may grow to full maturity as individuals and members of society and that their conditions of life may be improved.

Health and wellbeing play a crucial part in this mission.

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