Mama Margaret St. James Pensioners Club

Photo of the community garden at Brunswick Youth and Community Centre in Bootle, where Mama Margaret St. James Pensioners Club meet.
Members of Mama St. Margaret Pensioners Club use our community garden for relaxing, chatting, planting, growing food, plants, and flowers.

What You Need to Know

Mama Margaret St. James Pensioners Club meet every Friday between 12pm-3:30pm at Brunswick Youth and Community Centre, 104 Marsh Lane, Bootle.

Click here for a map and directions.

For more information please call the Brunswick Youth and Community Centre on 0151 922 3552 on Fridays between 12pm and 3:30pm.

Why We Have Mama Margaret St. James Pensioners Club

Brunswick Youth and Community Centre is a registered charity. Even though we began as Brunswick Boys Club (read our history here), we are dedicated to helping people of all ages.

One of our activities (registered with the Charity Commission) says that:

The centre also embraces the wider Sefton community by providing facilities for recreation and leisure time activity with a view to improving the conditions of life in the area.

With this in mind we were thrilled when we were approached to use our Community Centre as a base for Mama Margaret St. James Pensioners Club, which we offer as part of our Community Resilience programme.

This came about in 2009, when a group of local residents identified a growing issue of older members of our community becoming socially isolated. Determined to do something about it they formed the club and have met here ever since.

By hosting the Pensioners Club we are able to help our community deal with this and other issues, including poverty, welfare reform, and mental health.

Our pensioners have a great time together while making a real difference to the club and wider community. Join them!

Feel free to contact us for more information.