Senior Youth Club

Brunswick YCC helps children and young people.

Our Senior Youth Club is for 11-19 year old people. Read on for full details of times, locations, activities, and locations.

When and Where is the Senior Youth Club?

Brunswick Youth and Community Centre offers a Senior Youth Club as part of our Children and Young People programme:

During holidays and half-term we organise off-site events. The dates and locations of these vary. Call 0151 922 3552 or call in to The Brunny to find out more.

How Much Does it Cost?

Like our Junior Kids Club the cost is only 50p per session for each person on the Tuesday and Thursday Club nights. We don’t think it’s fair to charge more just because people get older!

Costs for the off-site events vary depending on the activity. See below for more details.

Who is in Charge?

Lorraine Towers leads our Senior Youth Club team of trained youth workers, apprentices, and volunteers. Contact Lorraine on 0151 922 3552 with any questions.

Why Come to the Senior Youth Club?

The Senior Youth Club offers activities based around:

  • educational awareness;
  • having fun;
  • participation; and
  • decision-making.

Activities include:

  • access to an IT suite
  • games consoles
  • pool
  • table tennis
  • arts & crafts
  • a wide range of sports (including football on our state-of-the-art 3G indoor pitch)
  • sessions around health eating
  • using the community garden to grow fresh produce.

Most importantly, our staff and Club members know that respecting each other, the community, and The Brunny are vital. Respect is at the core of everything we do.

Mural showing our respect values.
Teaching respect at The Brunny.


The Senior Youth Club has a strong education programme. We run informal and formal sessions on things like:

  • trust awareness
  • gun and gang culture
  • bullying
  • health and wellness
  • healthy eating
  • substance abuse
  • sexual health
  • bike safety
  • orienteering
  • other help as needed to address the needs of our young people.

We also help members doing the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, and with C-Card. (Click on the link for details of this scheme where young people register to obtain free contraception.)

Outdoor education trip to Ingleton Waterfalls, North Yorkshire.
Outdoor education trip to Ingleton Waterfalls, North Yorkshire.

Off-Site Activities

Our members get out of Bootle frequently. Previous trips include:

  • outward bound activities, including canoeing, hiking, climbing in The Lake District
  • taking a canal barge on the Llangollen ring
  • staying in a farmhouse in Ingleton, North Yorkshire
  • meeting members from our the Brunswick Boys Club in Glasgow
  • skiing in Norway (planned for 2016).

Often these off-site activities involve staying away for the weekend. We combine more active pursuits with education, including workshops dealing with the education sessions mentioned above. For example, on one residential event we had a discussion on gun and gang culture and took an artist who created this poster:

Gun and gang culture art created for Brunswick Youth and Community Centre at a Senior Youth Club event.
Guns and gangs discussed by Senior Youth Club members.

The cost of the off-site activities varies depending on what we do and where we go. As a registered charity dedicated to helping under-25s we do our best to limit costs and encourage participation. Call us on 0151 922 3552 for information about the costs of off-site activities.

How to Join

Join The Brunny’s Senior Youth Club by completing the Registration Form.

Pass your completed form in to the office at The Brunswick Youth and Community Centre, 104 Marsh Lane, Bootle.


If you have any questions, or need help with the Registration Form, please call us on 0151 922 3552, or call in to The Brunny. We’re happy to help.

Staff team operating lock gate during a residential on a canal boat.
Staff team operating lock gate during a residential on a canal boat.