Sefton Council's C-Card scheme gives people access to free condoms.
Come to Brunswick Youth and Community Centre to register for C-Card and get your FREE condoms.

C-Card is a condom distribution scheme for young people aged between 14-19. It’s there to make it as easy as possible for you to access free condoms.

Brunswick Youth and Community Centre is a key member of Sefton’s C-Card scheme, offered through our Children and Young People programme.

This makes The Brunny a good place to register and pick up free condoms in Bootle.

We’re are 104 Marsh Lane, Bootle. Get directions and contact details by clicking on the link.

How to Get Free Condoms with C-Card

Simply register for the scheme at Brunswick Youth and Community Centre (or any C-Card registration point)

After a short induction and training about sexual health you will be able to get your free condoms.

You can pick up new supplies by presenting your C-Card at The Brunny and other venues supporting the scheme.

Click on this link for C-Card scheme locations throughout Sefton.

When to Register for C-Card at Brunswick Youth and Community Centre

We run C-Card drop-in sessions between 6pm-9pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

You can register and collect free condoms without an appointment at the drop-in sessions.

What if I Need Free Condoms Outside Your Drop-in Hours?

We know that life happens outside our drop-in hours.

If you have not yet registered but need free condoms call us on 0151 933 2552 and we’ll see if we can help with registration and condoms.

If we can’t help you at that time we’ll suggest alternative C-Card scheme members in Bootle you can try.


We know there are things you want to keep to yourself. Getting free condoms might be one of them.

That’s why we promise that we will not share details about your registration onto the scheme with anyone unless it is in your best interest and you might need extra help from others.

Don’t Pay for Condoms!

There are lots of things you have no choice about paying for. Phones. Going out. Clothes. Don’t let condoms take your hard-earned cash too!

Sefton’s C-Card scheme at Brunswick Youth and Community Centre is the best way to get free condoms, be safe, and save money.

Questions? Contact us for more information.