Brunny Apprentices Visit Norway!

Eight Young People enrolled in the Brunswick Youth and Community Centre Young Apprentice Scheme recently visited Vinje, Norway, representing the Centre and building upon the strong international partnership with our friends in Norway.

The young people took part in a packed programme of activities and cultural exchanges, which included visiting the heavy water plant and museum in Telemark to learn about  how resistance fighters in Norway managed to sabotage the plant, which was being used by the Nazis to produce heavy water, a key element in the production of nuclear weapons, the resistance fighters managed to damage the plant and halt the German Nuclear weapons project during their occupation of Norway in World War Two.

The young people laid a wreath in remembrance of the resistance fighters who risked everything to frustrated the German nuclear ambitions.

Brunswick Youth and Community Centre group lay wreath

The young people also visited a Husky team, learning about their traditional role in Norwegian life and how they still play a role in the culture today. 

Brunswick group visit dog team

The group was also invited for a tour of the town hall, and had the chance to meet and talk with the Mayor and council members as well as meeting with community and business leaders, learning more about the culture and sharing their views and insights in to our culture.

Brunswick Youth and Community Centre Group tour town hall and visit with Mayor and Council members

A highlight from the group was learning how to ski from our Norwegian friends, after a few slips and falls the group soon found their feet.  This trip help to solidify the bonds of friendship developed with our partners in Norway, and gave the young people a chance to learn about another culture whilst also sharing ours.

A helping hand learning how to ski