Mission Statement

Our mission statement explains our vision, aims, and values.Vision

The Brunswick Youth and Community Centre‘s vision is for a safer, stronger and more cohesive community, with opportunities for self-development and growth being accessible by all members of our community, to work to enhance the quality of life for the residents of Bootle and South Sefton.


Our aims:

  • Encourage greater community cohesion, by delivering programmes of work to break down barriers between different social groups, to challenge preconceptions and contribute to community safety.
  • Support the development of children and young people in Bootle and South Sefton under the age of 25. To act as a hub within the local community to encourage young people to engage in positive activities, offering formal and informal educational opportunities. To help young people to grow both as individuals and as members of society.
  • Support the wider community of Bootle and South Sefton, to provide engagement and support activities for all ages from infant to senior citizens, ranging from social inclusion activities to formal and informal educational session.
  • Tackle youth related anti social behaviour by engaging young people in centre based as well as off site programmes of work through outreach and detached youth work.
  • Support young people in having a greater say in decision-making and developments that affect them and their community through the development of a “Youth Voice” forum facilitated by the Brunswick to engage with other service providers, local council officers and elected members.
  • Support the development of local resident and community groups, and to facilitate their engagement with other service providers, local council officers and elected members.
  • Support local residents back in to work through working with partners to develop training, and support sessions.
  • Promote health and well-being through engaging with health and awareness initiatives and actively promoting through the different provisions delivered by the Brunswick.


Our work will be guided by our principles and commitments to:

  • Inclusiveness – We respect people, value diversity and are committed to equality
  • Respect – The Brunswick was built on respect, respect for each other, respect for our community and respect for our centre.
  • Quality – We strive for excellence through continuous improvement.


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